Sunday, December 7, 2008

american money is american love

By all means hate the CEOs of the big three, who are no worse than the CEOs of any other companies. But whereas the finance scam is pieces of paper similarly worthless executypes convince people are worth something, the car industry is a giant river feeding a wide variety of support services. The number they keep quoting is three million (jobs strictly directly located inside a building clearly marked GM) but the honest fact is that it's a lot more jobs than that we would lose if the Big Three went under. How will you own a restaurant or a subsidiary manufacturing plant or a luxury or ephemeral goods store or a day spa or a bar in a town that loses all its heavy manufacturing at once? That happened in Flint, and ABC sent a van to cover the Mad Max ness of it, and they stole the van. That could be every other city in the Mid-Eastern quarter of the country. We do not understand the deep and automatic hostility people have towards their fellow Americans of inferior financial status in the auto industry.

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