Monday, December 15, 2008


When you have something on your shoe, you want to get it off quickly.
If it's sufficiently nasty you cease to care about the shoe and throw it into its staining muck. In Bush's Iraq the shoes must smell terrible because the streets smell terrible because Baghdad has a lake of sewage not even Muqtada can do anything about.
Let's throw shoes at this man we are not allowed to assault with the horrible words of unimaginable truth: "you are an awful person and your deliberate actions have ruined the lives of millions." If he does not want to hear words like this let's let him smell the perfume he has given to what was the millenia-old metropolis of the Gulf region. Let his obediently thoughtless Condoleeeza think about this as she buys new three thousand dollar foot coverings. Let Wolfowitz think about this next time he spit-shines.
Bush will need Secret Service protection for the rest of his life -- he will not be able to mail a letter -- while Clinton receives crowds in Bosnia and even Bush the Greater has his functions and skydiving without trouble, and Obama is seen as a new Kennedy.

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