Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Superior intellect allows chosen inbreds of god to detect "Arab-types" on a Turkish plane

Ankara - A US citizen caused delays to a Turkish Airlines (THY) flight between Istanbul and New York after complaining that there were "Arab-types" on board, Milliyet newspaper reported on Tuesday. In a news piece headlined, "Racism crisis on THY flight", Milliyet reported that police were called after US national Daniel Sussman Pincus [emphasis added; they apparently did not realize that with this type of "US National" you should automatically ask where else he holds citizenship or try to count his passports] started to shout complaints about "Arab-types" on board Monday's THY Istanbul-New York flight. After escorting Pincus off the plane, all other passengers were forced off the flight to undergo security checks in accordance with international practice. The flight eventually took off after a delay of about two hours. Pincus was released by police and later caught a flight to London.

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