Saturday, December 27, 2008

Uniquely Cruel

Israel has been starving its militarily occupied statelet Gaza. (Israel's "pull out" of Gaza involved forcibly removing the most racist inbred gun-toting Hebrew analogs to rednecks pretty much for their own good. Israel never stopped militarily occupying and oppressing Gaza. It would be like the British "leaving" the American colonies by keeping their armies here but "pulling out" the wealthiest and most important Royalist officials and their families.)
In response to the starvation, Gazans fired remarkably useless rockets at Israeli-occupied dirt, accidentally killing two Palestinian children but not damaging any precious Jewish toenails.
In a mysteriously and uncharacteristically human move,
Israel reopened its border with Gaza on Friday to allow deliveries of humanitarian aid, despite continued rocket and mortar fire from the coastal strip and growing expectations of a large-scale Israeli military campaign against Palestinian militants.(AP)
So now people who have not eaten regularly for months, people looking with all credulity at starving to death while the world did nothing, people whose only option was to blow themselves up in a futile and pathetic bid for attention, will finally eat. They will thank God and crowd around trucks, pass bags of rice along lines and discuss how hungry they were and how best to conserve what they are getting, they will indulge in Semitic bombast about impossible extremes of aroma and flavor, they will feed their children and themselves.
And they will be cut down like Jews in an Einsatzgruppen action. Israel is letting them rest for a few minutes while they get the machine guns out.
If Israel was a country with a single human in it, they would pursue enemies both corporeal and situational and wipe them out. There is no time for a serious security worker to waste on murdering huge numbers of bystanders, there are real bad guys to be stopped. Instead Israel tricked a huge number of desperate civilians -- civilians made desperate deliberately by Israel -- into filling the streets so they could be consumed in the largest massacre of its kind in decades. Who will listen to the whining billionaires the next time they talk about how cheaply Palestinians hold Jewish life -- by any calculation Palestinians are certainly much cheaper!
It is very important to Jews to constantly dissemble everything into straw man arguments, such as dismissing coherent and largely correct accusations into nonsense about biologically impossible vampirism. This is because they have no better argument. This is textbook straw man attacking and is intended to destroy the reputation of the opponent based on telling lies about him, mis-stating the accusation and
The next time Israel tries to drag out its true god, its favorite prayer, its most carefully worshipped relic, this stuff about how anyone who has anything less than worshipful to say about these monsters secretly or openly thinks they drink human blood, let's keep the truth firmly in mind. They don't drink blood or eat babies. We've never seen any reason to think that, and the main place we hear that from is Jews trying to keep this idea in people's heads as a way of discrediting critics. It would be totally un-Jewish, totally against their nature, for a Jew to drink blood or eat babies. As you can see from this simply bloodthirsty operation which has done absolutely nothing to make Israel safer or stop any real enemies, no Jew would have the practicality or thrift to derive sustenance from all the children they kill. Animals eat vulnerable young things and drink blood. Israel is simply killing for the sake of killing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mark Ames Is God

[AbeBooks Author's Corner:] Have you been accused of making excuses for inexcusable crimes?

[Mark Ames:] Yes. There’s been an enormous amount of resistance and anger to my book’s thesis. I just saw a blogger who posted a death threat against me for supposedly justifying the Virginia Tech massacre. The infamous bully from Columbine who tormented the two killers before their rampage emailed a death threat to me and my family earlier this year. A writer for The Observer (newspaper in the UK), Ed Vulliamy, accused me of being immoral and “post-modern” which he contrasted to his own genuine tears which he shed for the victims, as if that alone was an argument. Most of the resistance to my book is expressed like Vulliamy’s: Going Postal offends me, therefore it’s immoral, and if it’s immoral it can’t be valid. End of argument. A lot of other people, however, have told me that the book is so obvious and significant that they sort of made it their mission to get as many people as possible to read it.

That's from this interview at AbeBooks selling Ames' necessary and amazing modern day Age of Reason, Going Postal, which is the only serious attempt to investigate rage massacres from post
offices to Columbine. Mark Ames ran the most intriguing English-language newspaper in Russia, the lately kiboshed eXile, which has become Exiled Online under Putin's increasingly blunt state controls of culture.
That line at the end is the crystallization of something we have been trying to phrase gracefully for a year now. Nobody reads us so the grace no longer matters: we are among the people touched by this astonishing book, exactly the kind of book that should not be possible in American culture, the opposite of something you would see in a million years from Malcolm "I wrote this within the hour" Gladwell, the rare book that strides directly to the heart of the problem with no time for idiotic fortune-telling.
Ames' premise is this: rage massacres are unhelpfully presented as isolated island-events perpetrated by incomprehensible otaku who have no human emotions. In fact, they are united by stark similarities, to include the total lack of a single profile for the perpetrator. Every different kind of person has done this, and they were driven to it by horrible conditions nobody wants to talk about. In every rage massacre Ames investigated the author was struck by sympathy for the attacker, the sense that his error was in victim selection or not trying to organize more killers.
Ames' dangerous thesis is that this phenomenon represents a frustrated, desperate reaction to the still-ongoing open class warfare of the Reagan Revolution, the perfect reversal of the American dream where hard work is now for inferior goy slobs and is punished with disease, low pay and stress. Manhattanites who do not work at all are celebrated on TV as heroic and charming. There is a Jew, Russian or Japanese absolute lack of sympathy towards inferiors, truly chilling once you see it, perpendicular to ostensible Christian standards of at least hypocritical outward charity, an alien mindset in which it is good to punish and humiliate your slaves as much as you possibly can. To that end middle managers are punished and humiliated with the clear hope of trickle-down S&M.
One other interesting unifying characteristic is the survival of the worst bully. Usually one particularly sadistic boss drives the killer to the deed, and is "saved for last" in the plans, yet is not at work on that day. Of course as with any other work day the subordinates must make up for their boss's error.

Ames's mindblasting reporting has one important unrelated achievement. After the lies of the rape of Iraq became apparent, there was some reluctant feeling in the "real" media that maybe we should be more careful about war-fomenting lies, and in media that is honest as opposed to mainstream there was the sense hopefully apparent in our bizarre pages that
"the old nonsense about inherent Jew victimhood and the automatic self-debunking of any speculation that blames organized anti-social Jews is no longer something we can carry around now that a small group of anti-American organized Jews have done exactly what Hitler accused them of and fomented a totally unnecessary war through lying. Furthermore the traditional paradigms of antiracist education are lies and we do not need to fear turning into Nazis like Mogwai that were left up after twelve just because we can recognize the Wurmser plan for what it is."
So Georgia happened, and for the media that remembers nothing it was like any other distraction, and for the people who remember everything it was a chance to see how serious these media people were about taking things a little more seriously. Of course they had better things to do. Ames was actually in Georgia for the war and, in an unforgivable act of anti-Semitism and pro-Putin propaganda, dared to report what he saw and how far removed it was from what the New York Times wanted to see. Ames's articles on exiledonline here, and here particularly on WaPo, and here on the NYT constitute the kind of necessary useful journalism that would be awarded and feted in a functioning society with unified classes. In our society you might not have heard of it, and we are very sorry to say that our blogging it cannot help much. Ames is welcome to everything we can give him.
Ames unapologetically traces exactly the same lines of chosen colleague relationships and ideology that anyone can see in for example Judith Miller's flogging for the rape of Iraq, which is significant because while he will probably never say it and shouldn't be expected to this has terrible import for what all of this means for the Jewish community.
Far from a united, charitable, self-supporting community, we see it in all its ugliness as a society like any other, divided into disenfranchised ordinaries, collaborating but underpaid middle managers, and sinister ultra-wealthy (indeed the most wealthy on Earth) parasites committing horrioble crimes and then throwing the nearest ordinary under the bus to be able to safely escape and start anew. We are convinced that this is how historical anti-Semitism really works, for example in th Arenda where Jews actually held political power and oversaw lower-class Slavs. Lower level Jews would be sacrificed to abused, revolting mobs while the real culprits, like the always surviving targets of rage massacres, got away. Think of all the people in the Nazi holocaust who never owned a bank account while the really wealthy bank-running Jews who at least resembled Hitler's ostensible target were allowed to leave (this is different from escaping; there are stories both of escape and leaving and the magic key is usually money) by the Germans.
The answer to anti-Semitism and to Jew anti-Goyism, to Reagan's still-hungry war on humanity and to the lone rebel's counterattack on what he can pick off in a morning, to problems in all of society and it subsets like the Jewish community, is sympathy and charity. Assimilation and cross-identification will make impossible the hate that facilitates unapologetic exploitation. We must force our abusers to see us as the same species as themselves. From that perspective rage massacre is so counterproductive as to necessitate false-flag actions if it were not undoubtedly happening for real.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Culture of Death

These medaevalist Middle-Easterners with their brainwashing of their children to only see humiliating catastrophes and their culture of death.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kamerad, wo liegt mein Auto?

There can be no more cowardly moral position to take than anti-Nazism, which in the modern context means standing against nothing, and the worst personality types make it worse by working themselves into violent frenzies of phoney moralistic bluster like the red-faced man in "Land and Freedom" who won't stop screaming NO PASARAN but won't go to Spain either.
This story, carefully twisted at the Local and on Fark to attempt a negative light towards racists (you know, just in case you were thinking about becoming a racist and were waiting for mild sarcasm and vague moralistic hate to dissuade you), is actually about how brainless Fearless Nazi Hunters vandalized someone's car just because of the random alphanumeric combinations on its license plates. So if you get stuck with 18, 88, 14, or any alphanumeric combination that the ADL shakedown machine decides could have a Nazi meaning, should you try the license plate lottery again or armor your car?
Hooray for anti-Nazism! If only such resolve existed when Nazism did! You really have to dig for the damn story in all that Modern German token anti-Nazism. Remember that Modern German anti-Nazism views the Gazan genocide and the Luftwaffe bombing of Serbian civilian centers as heroic triumphs of progress, adheres to mindless obedience to the letter of the law, relies on strong police in a centralized government; it's the Nazi kind of anti-Nazism.
Whatever anyone tells you, we remain firmly committed to adorable kittens, and will fight any imaginary enemy, even vandalize the real cars of that imaginary enemy and you can imagine what that must do to those conjectural bastards, in defense of adorable kittens.

Monday, December 15, 2008


When you have something on your shoe, you want to get it off quickly.
If it's sufficiently nasty you cease to care about the shoe and throw it into its staining muck. In Bush's Iraq the shoes must smell terrible because the streets smell terrible because Baghdad has a lake of sewage not even Muqtada can do anything about.
Let's throw shoes at this man we are not allowed to assault with the horrible words of unimaginable truth: "you are an awful person and your deliberate actions have ruined the lives of millions." If he does not want to hear words like this let's let him smell the perfume he has given to what was the millenia-old metropolis of the Gulf region. Let his obediently thoughtless Condoleeeza think about this as she buys new three thousand dollar foot coverings. Let Wolfowitz think about this next time he spit-shines.
Bush will need Secret Service protection for the rest of his life -- he will not be able to mail a letter -- while Clinton receives crowds in Bosnia and even Bush the Greater has his functions and skydiving without trouble, and Obama is seen as a new Kennedy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pearl Harbor Day Post


We recently read several excellent books about the Japanese Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere and its Imperial Navy, mostly translated memoirs, and the striking thing that comes through is how they never had a chance. The worst stupidity of fascist thinking had infected their minds at the top levels. Really the only reason the war took so long was because it took basically exactly that long for American manufacturing to get our navy back. Then the Japanese lost the remainder of the war with equipment fatally outdated (the Mitsubishi Zero was the best fighter in the world in the late 30s and early 40s, but the Japanese were forced to fight in it against new generations of entirely superior planes like the twin engine P-38 Lightning), drastically hurting for maintenance and patched together because there was nothing else, or shot themselves in the foot with their dogmatic suicidal policies. One destroyer captain learned upon finally reaching drydock at Truk that his rudder had a giant hole in it.
After two days of red tape and rigmarole, Shigure entered dry dock. As water was pumped from the dock and the destroyer's bottom became visible, every onlooker gaped in astonishment. In the center of the rudder was a hole at least two feet in diameter. Engineers closely examined the hole with its overgrowth of barnacles and shells and proclaimed that it must have been caused by a torpedo at least three months ago.
"Oh, yes," I recalled, it must be from the Vella Gulf battle of August 6-7. That was the only time torpedoes came near us."
"But," said one of the engineers, "how could you have navigated the ship since then in this condition?"
"The rudder has been sluggish in recent months," I replied...(Hara, pg 253)
Why if they were so completely beaten -- there are points at which Germany could've salvaged or turned or cut losses, but there are no equivalent points for Japan that Japan could've actually used -- did they even try it? The answer is their ideology limited their knowledge of Americans. They honestly thought, actually in a form of racism, that Americans had grown so decadent and weak that one terrifying blow would permanently scare them.
Additionally the Japanese had a sort of supremacism we place most closely to Jewish tribalism since it is deeper and much older than twentieth century pseudoscientific racism. Dower says, "The Japanese did not change their codes when they should have done so, because they did not think the Westerners could break them. In the field, they frequently left important papers behind, apparently on the assumption that Westerners could never figure out how to read them." (pg 261)
In Japanese culture this is how bullying and status play works. You get hit once, you aren't expected to come back to get hit again. In a move alien to Western hypocritical thinking but certainly familiar to Western practice you are expected to take the hit.
The Japanese continued fatally to underestimate their enemy when they should've been building up their forces because of the spectacle of the surrenders that had followed their treachery; Dower again:
"For half a year after Pearl Harbor, this impression of a soft enemy appeared to be true. The huge size of the UK force that surrendered without much of a fight at Singapore was incredible by anyone's reckoning, and the combined US and Filipino army that capitulated on Bataan was twice as large as the Japanese expected. ... [T]o the Japanese, they were months of glorious victory that once and for all confirmed their innate superiority."(pg 260)
All of this resembles nothing so much as the perfectly self-defeating Coalition Provisional Authority "led" by Paul Bremer but really representing all the anti-Arab hatred and area ignorance of the Neo-Conservative Zionist war-fomenting douchebags, as described in Patrick Cockburn's necessary book Muqtada.
In the second half of 2003 Bremer repeatedly portrays himself as decrying the timidity of the US military, the CIA, and the British, all of whim hesitated before confronting Muqtada. Their fears were understandable and, as events soon demonstrated, wholly justified.
...Bremer held two beliefs that were dangerously contradictory. For him, Muqtada was at one and the same time a powerful and menacing figure capable of tearing Iraq apart, and so weak that he would tamely submit to arrest, while his following would be too small to make effective protests. Iraqi ministers were struck by the degree of Bremer's hatred and how much he belittled Muqtada. They were told not to refer to the "[Jaysh al-Mahdi]" but to call it "Muqtada's Militia." Ali Allawi, the highly intelligent independent Islamist who was a member of the Iraqi Governing Council, once tried to explain to Bremer how the Sadrists [following Muqtada as-Sadr] were the political representatives of the millions of Shia poor. Bremer furiously retorted that he "didn't care a damn about the underclass and what they [the Sadrists]
represented."(beginning pg 139)

Books relevant to this post

Japanese Destroyer Captain, memoirs of Captain Tameichi Hara translated and compiled by Fred Saito and Roger Pineau
Not only is this a smashing naval history book, but its hero stands out as the necessary, commonsensical man who like the characters of the MASH book and movie see through military and cultural stupidity. In his command he outlaws the customary Imperial basic unit of discipline (punching a failing subordinate in the face, for literally anything). After winning untouchable glory Hara insulted his superiors by saying he had accomplished nothing and all credit should go to his men, whom he had the sheer skill and professionalism to protect to an almost impossible degree in fighting against more numerous and better armed forces. He amazes (it is like the scene in Bugsy where Siegel informs Lansky that he has taken it into his head to shoot Mussolini) by trying to talk to a member of the Imperial Family about calling a spade a spade. Early in his career he devised an excellent improvement to the torpedo which proved useful throughout the war.
The Divine Wind by Rikihei Inoguchi (Captain, the original officer in charge of gathering volunteers and organizing a unit), Tadashi Nakajima (Commander, the flight officer who oversaw much of the Kamikaze unit's operations out of Leyte, also mentioned in Samurai), and Roger Pineau
These are the memoirs and apologetics of the officers who fostered the Kamikaze units. The deferential and bullshit-infused tone becomes comical as you read of meetings missed from lack of communication, parties missing each other because each had left to visit the other, and arrogant higher-ups who waste time fleeing from the Americans to argue a point with subordinates.
Samurai by Saburo Sakai (first enlisted Imperial sailor to be commissioned, his amazing achievements overcoming deliberately backward policy; they also did not give medals to the living!) with Martin Caidin and Fred Saito
It is amazing to us that single episodes within this, the memoir of the greatest ace of the war, have not already been made into a movie. There is one in particular where he struggles to reach a friendly landing strip after an ambush and a withering blind flight in maddening pain which should've killed him several times over, all for a bit of anaesthetic-free eye surgery.
War Without Mercy and Embracing Defeat by John Dower, MIT Japanologist
Read these two books together if you haven't already to grasp the Japanese side of the Pacific WWII.
Muqtada (Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia Revival, and the Struggle for Iraq) by Patrick Cockburn, the kind of journalist who could give the profession a good name
Read this book if you want to come closer to understanding Iraq. Patrick has none of the acidic cleverness of his brother Alexander, which no doubt puts some off.

american money is american love

By all means hate the CEOs of the big three, who are no worse than the CEOs of any other companies. But whereas the finance scam is pieces of paper similarly worthless executypes convince people are worth something, the car industry is a giant river feeding a wide variety of support services. The number they keep quoting is three million (jobs strictly directly located inside a building clearly marked GM) but the honest fact is that it's a lot more jobs than that we would lose if the Big Three went under. How will you own a restaurant or a subsidiary manufacturing plant or a luxury or ephemeral goods store or a day spa or a bar in a town that loses all its heavy manufacturing at once? That happened in Flint, and ABC sent a van to cover the Mad Max ness of it, and they stole the van. That could be every other city in the Mid-Eastern quarter of the country. We do not understand the deep and automatic hostility people have towards their fellow Americans of inferior financial status in the auto industry.