Monday, December 22, 2008

Mark Ames Is God

[AbeBooks Author's Corner:] Have you been accused of making excuses for inexcusable crimes?

[Mark Ames:] Yes. There’s been an enormous amount of resistance and anger to my book’s thesis. I just saw a blogger who posted a death threat against me for supposedly justifying the Virginia Tech massacre. The infamous bully from Columbine who tormented the two killers before their rampage emailed a death threat to me and my family earlier this year. A writer for The Observer (newspaper in the UK), Ed Vulliamy, accused me of being immoral and “post-modern” which he contrasted to his own genuine tears which he shed for the victims, as if that alone was an argument. Most of the resistance to my book is expressed like Vulliamy’s: Going Postal offends me, therefore it’s immoral, and if it’s immoral it can’t be valid. End of argument. A lot of other people, however, have told me that the book is so obvious and significant that they sort of made it their mission to get as many people as possible to read it.

That's from this interview at AbeBooks selling Ames' necessary and amazing modern day Age of Reason, Going Postal, which is the only serious attempt to investigate rage massacres from post
offices to Columbine. Mark Ames ran the most intriguing English-language newspaper in Russia, the lately kiboshed eXile, which has become Exiled Online under Putin's increasingly blunt state controls of culture.
That line at the end is the crystallization of something we have been trying to phrase gracefully for a year now. Nobody reads us so the grace no longer matters: we are among the people touched by this astonishing book, exactly the kind of book that should not be possible in American culture, the opposite of something you would see in a million years from Malcolm "I wrote this within the hour" Gladwell, the rare book that strides directly to the heart of the problem with no time for idiotic fortune-telling.
Ames' premise is this: rage massacres are unhelpfully presented as isolated island-events perpetrated by incomprehensible otaku who have no human emotions. In fact, they are united by stark similarities, to include the total lack of a single profile for the perpetrator. Every different kind of person has done this, and they were driven to it by horrible conditions nobody wants to talk about. In every rage massacre Ames investigated the author was struck by sympathy for the attacker, the sense that his error was in victim selection or not trying to organize more killers.
Ames' dangerous thesis is that this phenomenon represents a frustrated, desperate reaction to the still-ongoing open class warfare of the Reagan Revolution, the perfect reversal of the American dream where hard work is now for inferior goy slobs and is punished with disease, low pay and stress. Manhattanites who do not work at all are celebrated on TV as heroic and charming. There is a Jew, Russian or Japanese absolute lack of sympathy towards inferiors, truly chilling once you see it, perpendicular to ostensible Christian standards of at least hypocritical outward charity, an alien mindset in which it is good to punish and humiliate your slaves as much as you possibly can. To that end middle managers are punished and humiliated with the clear hope of trickle-down S&M.
One other interesting unifying characteristic is the survival of the worst bully. Usually one particularly sadistic boss drives the killer to the deed, and is "saved for last" in the plans, yet is not at work on that day. Of course as with any other work day the subordinates must make up for their boss's error.

Ames's mindblasting reporting has one important unrelated achievement. After the lies of the rape of Iraq became apparent, there was some reluctant feeling in the "real" media that maybe we should be more careful about war-fomenting lies, and in media that is honest as opposed to mainstream there was the sense hopefully apparent in our bizarre pages that
"the old nonsense about inherent Jew victimhood and the automatic self-debunking of any speculation that blames organized anti-social Jews is no longer something we can carry around now that a small group of anti-American organized Jews have done exactly what Hitler accused them of and fomented a totally unnecessary war through lying. Furthermore the traditional paradigms of antiracist education are lies and we do not need to fear turning into Nazis like Mogwai that were left up after twelve just because we can recognize the Wurmser plan for what it is."
So Georgia happened, and for the media that remembers nothing it was like any other distraction, and for the people who remember everything it was a chance to see how serious these media people were about taking things a little more seriously. Of course they had better things to do. Ames was actually in Georgia for the war and, in an unforgivable act of anti-Semitism and pro-Putin propaganda, dared to report what he saw and how far removed it was from what the New York Times wanted to see. Ames's articles on exiledonline here, and here particularly on WaPo, and here on the NYT constitute the kind of necessary useful journalism that would be awarded and feted in a functioning society with unified classes. In our society you might not have heard of it, and we are very sorry to say that our blogging it cannot help much. Ames is welcome to everything we can give him.
Ames unapologetically traces exactly the same lines of chosen colleague relationships and ideology that anyone can see in for example Judith Miller's flogging for the rape of Iraq, which is significant because while he will probably never say it and shouldn't be expected to this has terrible import for what all of this means for the Jewish community.
Far from a united, charitable, self-supporting community, we see it in all its ugliness as a society like any other, divided into disenfranchised ordinaries, collaborating but underpaid middle managers, and sinister ultra-wealthy (indeed the most wealthy on Earth) parasites committing horrioble crimes and then throwing the nearest ordinary under the bus to be able to safely escape and start anew. We are convinced that this is how historical anti-Semitism really works, for example in th Arenda where Jews actually held political power and oversaw lower-class Slavs. Lower level Jews would be sacrificed to abused, revolting mobs while the real culprits, like the always surviving targets of rage massacres, got away. Think of all the people in the Nazi holocaust who never owned a bank account while the really wealthy bank-running Jews who at least resembled Hitler's ostensible target were allowed to leave (this is different from escaping; there are stories both of escape and leaving and the magic key is usually money) by the Germans.
The answer to anti-Semitism and to Jew anti-Goyism, to Reagan's still-hungry war on humanity and to the lone rebel's counterattack on what he can pick off in a morning, to problems in all of society and it subsets like the Jewish community, is sympathy and charity. Assimilation and cross-identification will make impossible the hate that facilitates unapologetic exploitation. We must force our abusers to see us as the same species as themselves. From that perspective rage massacre is so counterproductive as to necessitate false-flag actions if it were not undoubtedly happening for real.

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