Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kamerad, wo liegt mein Auto?

There can be no more cowardly moral position to take than anti-Nazism, which in the modern context means standing against nothing, and the worst personality types make it worse by working themselves into violent frenzies of phoney moralistic bluster like the red-faced man in "Land and Freedom" who won't stop screaming NO PASARAN but won't go to Spain either.
This story, carefully twisted at the Local and on Fark to attempt a negative light towards racists (you know, just in case you were thinking about becoming a racist and were waiting for mild sarcasm and vague moralistic hate to dissuade you), is actually about how brainless Fearless Nazi Hunters vandalized someone's car just because of the random alphanumeric combinations on its license plates. So if you get stuck with 18, 88, 14, or any alphanumeric combination that the ADL shakedown machine decides could have a Nazi meaning, should you try the license plate lottery again or armor your car?
Hooray for anti-Nazism! If only such resolve existed when Nazism did! You really have to dig for the damn story in all that Modern German token anti-Nazism. Remember that Modern German anti-Nazism views the Gazan genocide and the Luftwaffe bombing of Serbian civilian centers as heroic triumphs of progress, adheres to mindless obedience to the letter of the law, relies on strong police in a centralized government; it's the Nazi kind of anti-Nazism.
Whatever anyone tells you, we remain firmly committed to adorable kittens, and will fight any imaginary enemy, even vandalize the real cars of that imaginary enemy and you can imagine what that must do to those conjectural bastards, in defense of adorable kittens.

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