Saturday, December 27, 2008

Uniquely Cruel

Israel has been starving its militarily occupied statelet Gaza. (Israel's "pull out" of Gaza involved forcibly removing the most racist inbred gun-toting Hebrew analogs to rednecks pretty much for their own good. Israel never stopped militarily occupying and oppressing Gaza. It would be like the British "leaving" the American colonies by keeping their armies here but "pulling out" the wealthiest and most important Royalist officials and their families.)
In response to the starvation, Gazans fired remarkably useless rockets at Israeli-occupied dirt, accidentally killing two Palestinian children but not damaging any precious Jewish toenails.
In a mysteriously and uncharacteristically human move,
Israel reopened its border with Gaza on Friday to allow deliveries of humanitarian aid, despite continued rocket and mortar fire from the coastal strip and growing expectations of a large-scale Israeli military campaign against Palestinian militants.(AP)
So now people who have not eaten regularly for months, people looking with all credulity at starving to death while the world did nothing, people whose only option was to blow themselves up in a futile and pathetic bid for attention, will finally eat. They will thank God and crowd around trucks, pass bags of rice along lines and discuss how hungry they were and how best to conserve what they are getting, they will indulge in Semitic bombast about impossible extremes of aroma and flavor, they will feed their children and themselves.
And they will be cut down like Jews in an Einsatzgruppen action. Israel is letting them rest for a few minutes while they get the machine guns out.
If Israel was a country with a single human in it, they would pursue enemies both corporeal and situational and wipe them out. There is no time for a serious security worker to waste on murdering huge numbers of bystanders, there are real bad guys to be stopped. Instead Israel tricked a huge number of desperate civilians -- civilians made desperate deliberately by Israel -- into filling the streets so they could be consumed in the largest massacre of its kind in decades. Who will listen to the whining billionaires the next time they talk about how cheaply Palestinians hold Jewish life -- by any calculation Palestinians are certainly much cheaper!
It is very important to Jews to constantly dissemble everything into straw man arguments, such as dismissing coherent and largely correct accusations into nonsense about biologically impossible vampirism. This is because they have no better argument. This is textbook straw man attacking and is intended to destroy the reputation of the opponent based on telling lies about him, mis-stating the accusation and
The next time Israel tries to drag out its true god, its favorite prayer, its most carefully worshipped relic, this stuff about how anyone who has anything less than worshipful to say about these monsters secretly or openly thinks they drink human blood, let's keep the truth firmly in mind. They don't drink blood or eat babies. We've never seen any reason to think that, and the main place we hear that from is Jews trying to keep this idea in people's heads as a way of discrediting critics. It would be totally un-Jewish, totally against their nature, for a Jew to drink blood or eat babies. As you can see from this simply bloodthirsty operation which has done absolutely nothing to make Israel safer or stop any real enemies, no Jew would have the practicality or thrift to derive sustenance from all the children they kill. Animals eat vulnerable young things and drink blood. Israel is simply killing for the sake of killing.

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