Saturday, January 10, 2009

zionism is nazism

We can argue that Zionism is Nazism because both were hysterical and anachronistic throwback
religio-political militarization movements born in 19th century German nationalism, or because of the inarguable and unforgivable second talmud of sinister quotations from the various luminaries of Zionism, or because of Zionism's solid record of Nazi tricks like torture, gotcha victim patriotism, attacking the Red Cross and relief workers and viewing international law as a cheap racist trick (this is exactly Hitler's belief, and Israel's), massive violent collective punishment, hiding behind a huge technological advantage because the Sabra Ubermensch isn't so good at actually fighting without the best air force in the sky and the finest series of armored vehicles ever made well in front of him very like Germans getting stuck in Russia. Or we could just appeal to the thing a moral thinking human feels when faced with Zionism, which is the same as what you feel when faced with Nazism.

This picture was originally pointed up by the diaphanous Xymphora, who has been so fearless and energetic in following the greatest criminal menace of our time, but others are posting it in solidarity with the people of Gaza, My Lai, and Lidice, and Auschwitz. Please copy it and spread the word that humanity are not getting colder or crueler in their dotage.

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